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Our team possesses expertise in designing and production, exhibition stand construction and fabrication, post production services and much more than just exhibition stalls designing; making us the best exhibition stall designer in India with in-house production and also the best exhibition stall designer in India with in-house exhibition stall designing experts. We operate across various industry verticals and offer services throughout the world; which are not only exhaustive but also innovative and tailor-made!

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Our team of designers functions in a process-like structure; keeping in mind what could be the best solution for the client.

  • Researching lifestyle and design trends and making sure designs will appeal to the target audience
  • Sketching designs and developing floor plans, making the most of the space available
  • Coming up with design ideas, images and graphics
  • Incorporating the client's logo and corporate colors, and discussing these with the client
  • Revising designs according to feedback from clients and other members of the design team
  • Overseeing the production of the chosen design, checking the quality and making sure the project is completed to schedule


Custom Exhibition Design & Built

  • 3D Exhibition Stall Design
  • Exhibition Stall Fabrication
  • Project Implementation
  • International Exhibition Stall Design

Brand Activation

  • Mall Activation
  • Society Activation
  • Corporate Activation
  • Retail VM
  • BTL Activities

Portable Modular Exhibition Solutions

  • Portable Exhibition Kits
  • Modular Exhibition Stand
  • Exhibition Support Services

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